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ASCOM i62/d62 i63/d63 d43/d83 Repair Service

Do you need repairs for your Ascom i62 or i63 phone? Trust the team at Telecom Repairs to restore your phone to its optimal condition and keep your communications on track. Schedule Ascom i62 & i63 repairs today.

Dependable Ascom i62/d62 i63/d63 d43/d83 Wireless VoIP Phone Repairs

The Ascom i62/d62 i63/d63 d43/d83 phones have compact, rugged designs, but are still prone to damage when dropped, crushed, or left in harsh conditions. Some of the most common Ascom i62/d62 i63/d63 d43/d83 repairs include:

Broken, cracked screens

Dead pixels

Stuck keypad/buttons

Liquid spills

Cracked housing

Bad speaker/microphone

Along with these issues, we occasionally receive Ascom i62/d62 i63/d63 d43/d83 phones that fail to turn on or no longer work as they should. No matter the problem, our team can find the underlying cause of it and restore your phone to like-new condition.

Save Time and Money With Ascom i62/d62 i63/d63 d43/d83 Repair Services

Replacing your Ascom i62/d62 i63/d63 d43/d83 is expensive and time-consuming. Instead of shopping around for a new phone and paying a high price for a replacement, send it to us. We can repair your phone at a fraction of the price of replacement.

The Ascom i62 is a compact VoWiFi handset with a rugged body. It measures just over 2 inches wide and 5.7 inches tall. The i63 is slightly shorter and thinner, giving it a sleeker look, but is just as durable.

Despite the durability of these phones, they can still suffer from damage from misuse, accidents, or the environment. Broken screens, spills, and other issues can cause your phone to stop working or cause issues that make operating it more difficult. Luckily, we can restore your Ascom i62 or i63 phone quickly.

Our repair service offers the most cost-effective solution for dealing with an Ascom i62 or i63 phone that no longer works properly. Our goal is to provide the best repairs in the shortest time so that you can get back to your normal schedule.

No matter the problem, you can enjoy a variety of advantages with our Ascom i62/d62 i63/d63 d43/d83 repair services:

Fast, reliable phone repairs

Turnaround time of one to two business days

Two-year warranty on all repairs

We can fix any issue

We have experience repairing all types of phones, including the Ascom i62/d62 i63/d63 d43/d83 wireless VoIP phones. Our technicians understand all the components and how to replace them.

All repairs are completed quickly and effectively. If you want the best Ascom i62/d62 i63/d63 d43/d83 repairs, contact the experts at Telecom Repairs today!


Contact the professionals at Telecom Repairs to arrange fast, dependable Ascom i62/d62 i63/d63 d43/d83 phone repairs.

We Can Fix Any Problem


Liquid Damage

Bad Keypad

Bad LCD Display

Bad Speaker and Microphone

Broken Housing

No Access Net

Factory Default Reset