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Spectralink Versity 95/96 and 92 Series Repair Service

Do not let a broken Spectralink smartphone ruin your day. Contact the experts at Telecom Repairs for swift, effective repairs for the Spectralink Versity 92, 95, and 96 (9240 9540 9640 9253 9553 9653) enterprise smartphones. We offer convenient solutions for all types of repairs.

Affordable Repairs for the Spectralink Versity 95/96 and 92

The Spectralink Versity phones offer enterprise-grade voice communication inside a rugged, durable shell. However, these phones can also break down due to accidents or extreme conditions.

Common Spectralink Versity 92, 95, and 96 (9240 9540 9640 9253 9553 9653) phone repairs include:

Dead pixels

Broken screen

Unresponsive touchscreen

Cracked or broken shell

Stuck power or volume buttons

Along with these issues, you may find that your phone no longer turns on or fails to hold a charge. These issues could be due to a bad battery or other problems that require a closer look. No matter the issue, our team can fix it.

Discover the Benefits of Spectralink Versity Phone Repair Services

The Spectralink Versity 92/95/96 series of Android smartphones were built for use in tough environments. Spectralink’s Versity 92 offers best-in-class voice technology in a compact design.

The Versity 95 has a 5.2-inch screen and 4GB of RAM, making it a top choice for those that require more processing power and a larger screen. The Versity 96 is the premium offering with a higher water-resistant and dust-resistant rating.

While these phones can take a beating, they can also become inoperable due to drops and other accidents. These phones also cost well over a thousand dollars. Replacing a Spectralink Versity 92/95/96 phone is much more expensive compared to repairing it.

Instead of dealing with the excessive cost of replacement, allow us to repair your Spectralink Versity 92/95/96 phone.

You can depend on the team at Telecom Repairs to restore the condition of your Spectralink Versity phone quickly and at the best price. We are the leading source for repairs on all types of phones, including the Spectralink Versity 95, 96, and 92 series phones.

Arrange Spectralink Versity 95/96 and 92 Repairs Today

Discover some of the reasons why more businesses trust us with their phones:

Experienced, trained technicians

Fast turnaround time and low prices

Repairs are backed by a two-year warranty

Dependable repairs for any issue

We have repaired many Spectralink Versity phones and know what to look for when diagnosing a faulty phone. Allow us to restore your Versity 92, 95, or 96 phones to like-new condition for a fraction of the price compared to replacing them.


Contact us at Telecom Repairs for fast, affordable Spectralink Versity 95/96 and 92 repairs.

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