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Cisco Webex 840/860 Repair Service

Are you tired of phone problems disrupting your daily workflow? Telecom Repairs is your source for dependable repairs and refurbishment of Cisco Webex 840/860 wireless phones. We handle all types of repairs, including screen and housing replacements.

Expert Phone Repair for Virtually Any Issue

Enjoy more reliable communication with our top-notch repair services. We have years of experience offering fast, effective repairs for a wide range of phones, including the Cisco Webex 840 and 860 phones.

Our team of experienced repair technicians can easily fix any issue your Cisco Webex 840/860 phone may have, including:

The Cisco 8800 series consists of several models of phones, including:

Broken screen

Dead pixels and other screen issues

Broken or cracked housing

Stuck buttons

No longer charges or holds a charge

Fails to turn on

Allow us to diagnose and fix your phone. We can restore its condition quickly, limiting the inconvenience of dealing with a faulty phone. Our average turnaround time is one to two business days. We also include a two-year warranty.

Advantages of Cisco Webex 840/860 Repair Services

Our convenient repair services save you the hassle and cost of replacing a phone, which could result in cost-cutting or delays in other areas of your business.

Cisco Webex wireless phones are built for tough work conditions. The phones are water and dust resistant with IP65 and IP68 ratings. The 840 and 860 phones also have tough glass screens. However, even with a ruggedized design, the Cisco Webex 840 and 860 phones can become damaged.

The Webex 840 and 860 wireless phones from Cisco offer enterprise-grade performance for voice-over IP communications. These phones are also costly. Replacing a Cisco Webex 840 or 860 phone is a major expense and one that you can avoid with our reliable repair services.

We offer fast, efficient solutions so that you can get back to business as usual in no time. Our dedication to customer service is unmatched in the repair industry.

Here are a few of the advantages of choosing us for your repair needs:

Professional, experienced repair technicians

Repairs completed within one to two business days

Backed by a two-year warranty

Repairs for all types of issues

We aim to provide the fastest turnaround and dependable Cisco Webex 840/860 repairs. We can fix any problem, helping to minimize disruptions to your normal routine.


Contact Telecom Repairs today for the best Cisco Webex 840/860 repair service.

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